Mures Cambridge Outlet
Direct from the Diana to you

“Being twenty kilometres off the Tasmanian coastline on the edge of the Continental Shelf at 2am in the morning and hearing razor sharp hooks whizzing past your left ear like machine gun fire isn’t everybody’s idea of a good time, but for the crew aboard Mures purpose built- Diana this is the way every day starts. The skipper instructs the crew as to what he wants and when he wants it, (always followed by a please or a thank you) and like a well-oiled machine the crew go to work, there are weights, hundreds and hundreds of metres of coiled rope, baskets, dan poles, buoys and of course those hooks, the deck can look like a disaster area, but it all seems to slide out without a hitch into the darkness and depths of the Southern Ocean. After some 5000 plus hooks are set, it’s time for a quick coffee or bite to eat and then it’s time to haul the lines back aboard. Twelve hours later the lines and hooks are back aboard the fish is iced down and stored away, the boat cleaned, the crew have eaten tea, cleaned up and are ready for bed, a few hours’ sleep and it all starts again.”

The result of all this hard work is that Mures Cambridge Outlet is able to supply the freshest Tasmanian Seafood, Blue Eye Trevalla, Pink Ling, Blue Grenadier, Gemfish, Alfonsino and Rays Bream, just to name a few, direct from our boat to you. Our fish is processed on site daily so our freshness is guaranteed.

Sourcing as much locally caught Tasmanian seafood as we can; Mures has long supported local fishermen and fisheries. Partnering with companies such as Huon Aquaculture for Salmon and Trout, Spring Bay Seafood for Mussels, AR Garths for Crayfish and Scallops and Tas Prime for Pacific Oysters.  Mures continues to help keep locals employed and also keep Tasmanian dollars in Tasmania.

Seasonally we are forced to purchase fish from markets but you will always be informed of where your fish has been sourced by our friendly staff.



Mures Factory Outlet

243 Kennedy Drive, Cambridge

Monday – Friday 10am – 6pm

Saturday 10am – 2pm

Phone: +61 (0)3 6277 5555